1. This letter was submitted via email on March 28, 2014
    Many things changed in your life, I thought that is for the better, for us.. but I guess I was wrong, assuming that it includes me. Misunderstandings comes between us, and it gets harder. 
    You wanted to let go but I keep holding on. I want to stand and be here for you while you’re facing these things. But you keep pushing me away.
    You said I deserve to be happy, I’m not getting any younger, and live a life, but I choose to stay and keep loving you. Because you are my happiness, I don’t care if I’ll get old, I only want you.

    I can’t fool myself and be with anyone. I stopped searching since I met you, and I promised myself, that you will be my last. 

    You know how much I trully love you and God knows that I became a better one since you came into my life.. 

    I still have my hopes, and trust that we will be together again,  even if it takes me a lifetime to wait. Someday, someway, somehow.
    yours always,

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    The first zine of love letters is here!

    "Forever" publishes ten love letters from the Love Letters Anonymous tumblr archive. All were collected over the last two years, throughout Australia and North America. 

    The letters in the zine were collected from friends and strangers and were found in flea markets, ebay and on the street. Some of the letters were submitted via post, some scanned and emailed in and others were found. 

    They include two letters between a drafted husband and a San Francisco-based wife during World War Two, on V-mail stationery (both husband and wife affectionately refer to each other  as “Butchie”); a high school apology letter from a boyfriend to his girlfriend that is also a proposal; a letter from a Vietnam-bound soldier training in Fort Benning to his adored sweetheart; a desperate post break-up Valentine’s Day letter; a letter apologizing for being a crappy boyfriend and for being cheap; a prison love letter counting down to the day of release, and expressing anxiety about being left for a richer man; a letter from a baby daddy to his baby mama and a lesbian love letter, complete with 90s deep lez references.

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  4. This letter was submitted via email on August 4, 2013. 

    The recipient of the letter says:

    A very special friend wrote this to me when I was just about to move away from the landmass he was living on (temporarily). 14 August 2012. From Melbourne to Melbourne. (I was in his room when he sent it, but about to return to Wellington, NZ for a spell).

    Dear Angel of the Sea,
    I would like to say many things to you, but firstly apologize for my awkwardness in your company last night. It isn’t easy being with you when your love shuffles to and fro. The broken conversations often result from my own annoyance and my mind and words become retarded. Your love and enjoyment with your friends is always so fluid and i just felt a little down it wasn’t the same with us last night, especially knowing your hard engagement with the move at hand.
    When we are truly together and we embrace deeply in each others’ arms, my heart is aglow in cosy warmth. In these times, I feel nothing less than a deep love for you. The last time we made love together, beyond just physical pleasure, my heart and soul tingled in ecstasy as our bodies and spirits became water. Until now, I had never felt that with someone else. Our love was as deep as rippling water sparkling in the moon’s glow. Of course, I may never know if you felt the same way?
    And so special one, I hope you one day find a special dolphin in the ocean of cosmic potential…….I know you would make someone very happy when you are ready again!!!!
    I will always carry you in my heart, wherever I swim………
    dolphin to dolphin, fin to fin xxxoooxxx
    PS: We’ll always find each other if we need to……..
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  7. From post love letters, another collection of love letters.

    September 28

    Was I just trying to fool myself in loving you or was it always sincere and true? Honestly I’m still trying to figure that out myself. I had to give these to you because at the time they meant something. You’re right I deserve more! Saternight, after the way you treated me I finally realized that I didn’t mean as much to you as I thought I did. I was blind to see it coming but now that I do see everything, I see you in a while different view. You’re a great friend and I want you to come to me if you ever need anything. I would only be selling my heart short if I kept on trying to make this work but I realize it takes two! it breaks my heart to know this is the end but I’d be crazy to think you could give me all that I need. We’ve had some great times together, no matter where life takes us and, I guess, now, we move on, value each other for everything we’ve experienced together and see where our future leads us. Please keep in touch*, I still need to hear your voice but we both know where we stand in each others lives. We’ve both given our heart and soul into each other, unfortunetly, our timing was off 

    ♥ always, 


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  10. From post love letters, another online collection of love letters.

    Hugging Also 

    is ecologically sound, does not upset the environment 

    is energy-efficient, saves heat is portable 

    Requires no special equipment 

    Demands no special setting; anyplace from a doorstep to an executive conference room, from a church parlor to a football field, is a fine place for a HUG!

    Makes happy days happier 

    Makes impossible days possible

    Imparts feelings of belonging 

    Fills up empty places in our lives

    Keeps on working to dipense benefits even after the hugs release

    If you hadn’t guessed or realized, I’m a sucker for hugs. Anytime your wondering how to solve this problem or think theres no way out - - give me a hug & I promise we’ll work things out!

    Don’t be scared keep me warm and don’t let the cool breeze separate us!

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  12. This letter is postmarked December 15 1969 and was sent from Fort Benning to Columbus, Georgia. 


    Howdy Lover!!!

    How are things going with “you all!” I am feeling pretty good because in only 7 days I will be home with you! We get out Friday night, but the guys who own cars can’t leave until Saturday morning, so I’ll see you probably Sat. morning, I’ll take you to work, I’ll be home before 10 o’clock, probably around 8 or 8:30 I’ll be with you! Yippie!!! We are getting paid today, I believe tonight, so i’ll get the rent straightened out finally! Sorry that I didn’t make it Tuesday, one reason is that we didn’t get paid, and we got on a late start; I was going to see you last night (Wed), but my our car wouldn’t start, bad weather, rainy & cold. So maybe tonight i’ll see you, NO it all depends on the weather, if I get paid, the time and the biggest "if" is, will the car start! So hang on honey if I don’t make it! I know you will!

    So how is your job by now anything exciting happening? Are you sure you don’t want to trade me in on someone else, I bet you never met so many men in your life! Ha!! If you want to trade me in, remember one thing, I am guaranteed for life - can’t beat that can you! Ha Ha!!! Enough about that! Ha Ha!!! Hay honey, when you are 40, can’t I trade you in for a model 20? hm Just kidding - laugh a little will you!!! there you go!! Oh by the way, I am writing this letter during my class breaks - I have to, because I sure don’t have too much time! But I will always find time to write to “My Girl”!!! Sure enough honey!!!!! Hay honey right now it is 1:30 and the sun is shining, as you know already! Sometimes my mind forgets that you are only a few miles away, instead of 2300 miles away! Hay honey, I want to ask you a question - do you like it here, or are you a little lonesome; I mean - hm if you aren’t happy here, and you miss California - I’ll send you back; just so that you are happy I’ll do anything! We’ll talk about it later; you better not be unhappy - after all of the good time getting here - knucklehead! You look good when you are tired - no kidding, I can still see you in the car dozing off or trying to, until I make a shrill noise and you have a heart attack - Ha! You sure can jump high honey!! Yep honey, I’m sure glad you came along, it made the trip a lot funner, especially when we were in Mississippi and I took that one picture of you by the little barrel, hm I can’t wait to see it! Ha Ha!!! I’m kidding you again - don’t get too mad!? hm I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excuse the paper!!

    I Love You!!!!!!!!

    Especially YOU!!!!!!




  13. 2/26/95


    Hopefully you doing well and you realized you need to quit fuckinwit Sedale and come home to your Doctor. I will take care of you baby girl. 

    I’m in nevada with Hype looking at spots for this new video we are shooting for that single I told you pac is going to be on once he is out, called California love. We met a bunch of crazy, naked motherfuckers in the desert today, they were putting up some type of Giant Wood man. I guess they have a big party out here for a bunch of days. I asked them how much they pay, they said “nothing”, I was like no money? Someone should get behind this shit and make some loot of these fools cause they said there will at least be 5,000 people. I think I will have my office look into it, just to see if there is easy money to be had here. I’m bout to pass out girl, wish I was up in that ass. See you back in LA.

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  15. From post love letters, another online collection of love letters.

    Here’s the story. I realize what your saying but I don’t really agree with you. The reason I even considered talking with you again is because I realize there was still so much more I wanted with you and all you have to give. I know we work really well and that was why it was so hard to let go. When I say I want things to work out with us, I don’t mean anything serious. Real slow, just you and me either at school or maybe on the phone. Your looking ahead and into the future about weather or not we can still be a perfect couple but right I want to live for the NOW! If we want to talk about whatever - - we can still laugh and joke with each other. If things work then hey, that’s great but if we know we can’t work well still then we’ll just let things be. This is exactly what I’m trying to avoid. We’re talking way to serious, we just to relax take things with ease and not worry about 2 wks from now this is what I really want because that way we don’t have to worry about weather or not we’ll still be together in 2 monthes. I want to make you happy and I hope you feel the same, and here we have so much time (track, drama) before we make the final decision. I don’t want either of us to put all our hearts into it but just enough to keep us on our toes! I’ll still think about you every minute but I’ll have the reassurnce that if were not make each other smile then maybe we’re not meant to be. Right now I’m not asking us to be the perfect match but if things are going that direction then I’ll know we truly are meant to be!

    Love always, 

    (past, present?, future?)


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