1. This love letter was found in Metairie in 2012. 

    hey Love Bug, I Just want ta let you know that I love you sooo much and that you are the best G/f any guy could have and Im so lucky to have you. I dont know what I would do with out you I know we have alot of bad times together but it only makes us stronger I wouldn’t trade it for nutthing we also have good times together like your wing worm this year we need to think about the good times together when we are flighting CUZ if I I lose you I think I would kill myself. Just think about how many more movies we are going to see together till Nov, 9, 2010 N How many times you going to fall asleep on me N you wacking up Beating me up I wouldn’t trade that for nutting I love you so much Jessica lyn reno N I hope we last forever I think During these 3 years I have found the mening of love I cant go a day without seeing you are a min without thinning about you and knowing I care about you Just as if you was in my family

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