1. This letter is postmarked December 5, 1969 and was sent from Fort Benning, Georgia to Columbus, Georgia.

    Thursdsy 8:00 pm

    Hello Honey!!!

    I Love You!!! I received your 2 letters today, or really tonight! I was hoping for a letter from you, see if you are still alive. Well I know for now, you are still alive - I was sweating a few times! Well honey, I must apologize to you for not taking care of you good enough - I’m sorry; I kind of left you hanging by yourself, no money or anything; so I’m sorry - but honey, I told you to be prepared for the worst - well the worst came, and now since you have a job, the worst is over, and you took it like a real woman; you hung in there - you have the guts (excuse me) to do anything - just like me; you do what you want to - and you do it! I Love You Very Very Much!!!! We will hang in there!! A perfect pair!!!!! Wow I Love You!!!!!!! When I got back here from visiting you I didn’t get into any trouble - just like if I was here! No kidding! One more thing honey - the damn Army (excuse) hasn’t paid me yet - I’m really mad!! If the landlord says anything about the $31.45 I owe, just tell him I haven’t been paid yet - they haven’t got our pay records straightened out yet - in fact all of us are mad!! But as soon as I get it, I’ll get it to you - I hope real soon!!! Well enough about that!! This afternoon about 18 of us guys went over to get our cars registered - you know - so the M.P.’s won’t get us for not having a sticker on our car - well anyway, we drove down there in our cars (it started without pushing it!) and we filled out the forms and I went up to the window and she ask what state I was from and I said California and she said - “oh, you have to get your car inspected first” - boy I just about died right there - my heart and stomach sank!! So about 8 of us got into our car and drove over to the inspection station - and of course I was the last one in line; I kept saying to myself - the car is going to flunk; the guy was checking everything - especially the tires and I was sweating the smoke it throw out - I was chewing my nails to the bones, almost to the knuckles! Well I finally was next, I said a few prayers, I got out of my car, he checked it over, then he checked the lights, brakes, and the tires (the back ones - Wow!!). When it was all over, he said my back tires are bald, I agreed, but I told him I would get new ones soon, and he said, “well I shouldn’t pass you, but I will!! Wow my heart leaped up and I was full of joy!! I passed and got a Georgia sticker! Well we went back to get our stickers (fort stickers) and the place was closed, so that means we will go another day! Yippie!! It won’t be any sweat to get my sticker - just bop in there and get my sticker! Yippie! When I was driving back to the company area, I thanked God and I had my feeling that things on your end were OK, you had a job - I had that feeling, and by God things worked out for BOTH of US!!! You aren’t kidding when St. Jude is on our side!! I’m going to thank him right now, so excuse me for a few minutes; love you!!!! I’m back again!!!!! Did you miss me - huh? You did - well I missed you too!!!!!!!!!!! So we are squared away with St Jude! Just so he helps us! Wow I Love Him and You!!! I miss you to; I don’t think I’ll get off this Sunday - probably not until Christmas leave (which is only 2 weeks away 14 days!!) And home I’ll be with You!!!!! By then I should have some money, my back pay plus my partial pay I’ll get for Christmas; I can’t wait to look for a Christmas tree we might not have lots of gifts, but I know one thing for sure, we will have love for each other - far better than any gifts!! I think this will be the best Christmas I’ll ever have, because I have a special gift - You! (Yes You - My Knucklehead!!) Yes Ma’am - the BEST CHRISTMAS WE WILL EVER HAVE!!!!!!!!

    Oh ya honey - don’t faint anymore - you should take some more of those iron pills please honey, take them I mean it - please - and I won’t kid you about them please honey take them!!!! “Please!!” You need them!!!!!!!! Hay honey, how far do you have to walk to your job? I hope it isn’t over 12 miles! Ha Ha!! Anyway honey, take the main routes when you go home, you know how these s—- Army guys are, and if they do anything - get them right where it hurts! Dot it!!!!!!! And if anyone follows you home, get there license number (especially if they have a fort sticker on) and I’ll turn it in - they will get him! The captain told me this, so give me the word if anything funny is happening - we’ll fix them! OK honey? Hm - this Go-Go dancer is a BIG NO for me I won’t have my future wife dance in front of some bum men Never!!! I think you already knew my answer; but I must admit - you would be a GREAT GO-GO dancer!! Enough about that! hm one more thing - don’t you run to those cars, if I catch you - you are DEAD!! Sorry honey (understand) I’m teasing you again! But please don’t RUN!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow honey - the training is rough, but I’ll make it - even the physical training!! Last night we went into our barracks and it was a mess our Platoon Sargent took sand & rocks and coal dust and put it on our floors, plus marking our tops of our desks, tearing up some of our bunks, everything you could think of he did - but we worked together and cleaned the hole up; so everything is back to normal!? It is really going to be strick!! Some guys are already asking to leave, but it takes at least 3 or 4 weeks to quit - a lot of paper work! But I’m going to stay - if they don’t kick me out!! Ha Ha!!

    Let me see, what else is new, oh ya, I think I am going to learn to press my pants - don’t laugh dang gone you!! It looks like any skill the Army taught me - boy - I’m going to make a good wife for some man - Ha Ha!! Funny!!!? Stop laughing you knucklehead!!! ooooxxxxx’s!!!!!!!!!

    Well honey, if anything pops up, I’ll let you know - so take care and keep working!!!

    Love & prayers always

    Your Ron

    P.S. I Love You!!!!! Keep up your good spirits - because I’m smiling and happy for You - knowing that you are alright!!!!!!!!! I’m feeling great!!! I Love You!!!!!!! Mrs. Schaaf!!!!!!!!!!!!

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